Our story


Frenchie… the nickname given to Gregory Marchand in the Kitchen of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen in London stuck. It is that same nickname that will baptize the restaurant he opens in June 2009 in the second district of Paris.

The Place
In the narrow rue du Nil of Paris’ 2nd district Greg sets his knives. It’s love at first sight for the small space tucked away in the tiny cobblestoned street that used to be an old landmark for thieves now surrounded by the textile industry of the Sentier.

Frenchie is a universe imagined as a place where Greg would like to go and return. Animated by generosity and excellent products, the Restaurant and Wine Bar are two complementary entities.

Inspired by Greg’s trips, you will discover the vestige of places he has visited in New York and London set in the rustic old Paris with its wooden beams, stone walls and metal foundations.

Authentic, small, cozy and welcoming, we hope you will feel at home here.

Greg started in 2009 alone in the kitchen and with one person on the floor shouldering him during service. The menu is small with two choices for appetizers and two choices for mains. It is limited to seasonal products with a classic French base with an international twist. The team slowly grew and with it a more vast wine list full of small producers. The atmosphere is laded back and the team is professional but accessible. The motto is to share and have a good time.

Wine bar
Two years after the birth of Frenchie, an opportunity arose to acquire a small space right across from the restaurant. With this, a will to propose a different formula arose, more spontaneous and accessible. The wine bar was created.
With its à la carte menu, it is now possible to sample a small bite of Greg’s cuisine and have a glass of wine or enjoy a more copious dinner with all kinds of small plates to form your own menu and enjoy wine pairing or various bottles of wine.


Executive Chef / Owner

Originally from Nantes, Gregory Marchand had no bonds keeping him in France and decided to travel after finishing cooking school. As only companions his knives, they followed him to New York, London, Spain and Hong Kong.

While working at Gramercy Tavern in New York, his wife got some fortunate news and the future family decided to return to France where he hoped to open a restaurant that reflected his personality, his trips and his culinary identity. Frenchie is born...






Head Chef

Since his arrival, the whole kitchen team speaks English better than he does French !  The Brit returned to London after a trip to Australia and proceeded to work in various Michelin-starred restaurants including Zafferano, Wild Honey and Arbutus. Harry had met Greg in London when he was head chef at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen. Friendship linked the two cooks and an email reunited them years later.  Greg invited Harry to join the team when the wine bar was set to open. Since then, he is the right hand and accomplice to Greg in all manners of creation, development and execution of menus.





Sommelier Frenchie Wine Bar

Originally from Île de Ré and son of restaurant owners, Aurélien decides to follow wine courses in the Rhône valley to escape a summer season at the family restaurant.  At 19 years old, one encounter: Pascal Boucher, sommelier professor at the Tain l’Hermitage school, transforms Aurélien’s destiny. His love of the wines of the Rhône are born of this experience. After he graduates, Aurélien heads for England where he will learn English and after that he works in the Île Maurice and broadens his arisen of world wines (and rum). At Frenchie, Aurélien takes care of the selection and service of the wines at the wine bar.




Sommelière Restaurant

From a family of restaurateurs in Quebec, Caroline grew up in the wonderful world of wine and gastronomy. After obtaining her Sommellerie diploma from the Institut Technique Hôtelier du Québec in 2000, she works in Montreal as Sommelière at Bistrot Laloux for many years and then at Club Chasse et Pêche where she meets Laura. Destiny would reunite the two girls on the other side of the Atlantic years later.
In 2010, a new adventure starts for her as she is travelling through the Italian vineyards and she literally falls under the charm of Piedmont's Barolo and Barbaresco wines where she meets Luca Roagna and works in his winery nearly a year. From there was born her nickname of Franco Italo Quebecoise.
Her travels will lead her to Paris at Restaurant Itinéraires and then London where she imports wine for Vine Trail. Recently returned to Paris, Caroline joined the Frenchie team as the Sommelière of the Restaurant and brings with her all her expertise and her Quebecois sense of humour!




Whisky Whizz

Romain recently joined the Frenchie team, and, with him, all his love for spirits. After 5 years at the École Hotelière of Biarritz, it's at the Villa Belrose in Saint-Tropez that he discovers his passion for whisky, a result of his encounter with mentor Walter Di Rocco (head barman of Cheval Blanc in Courchevel). He will later act as head barman at La Mirande in Avignon but a desire to explore his horizons leads him to Paris. He starts working at Silencio Night Club where Laura discovers him and joins Frenchie's team shortly thereafter. Romain is responsible for the spirits program and by luck, is the best handyman in Paris!






Front of house
Quentin Zudas - Waiter
Maeve Schauerman - Phone hostess

François Roche - Cook
Alexis Delassaux - Cook
Auguste Lill - Cook
Mads Bjorkholm - Cook
Ina Codreanu - Washing up